Who or What is Your Inspiration?

Who or What is Your Inspiration?

As an entrepreneur you are often asked “Who or What is Your Inspiration”, and by inspiration I don’t mean the fabulous idea that you had which will change the world, I mean who or what prompted you to stop navel gazing, get off your arse, take a risk and put your energy into making your idea happen.

My fabulous idea was prompted by my own unbearable, uncomfortable menopausal night sweats which made sleep difficult especially when accompanied by insomnia, resulting in crippling fatigue impacting upon day-to-day function.  I thought if I developed some clothing that would stop me waking up cold and damp post-night sweat, I would at least have a fighting chance in coping with the impact of insomnia the following day.  Night sweats, insomnia and fatigue are some of the more common of the 34 symptoms of the menopause.

I am very much reminded of my real inspiration today, the 14th anniversary of my husband’s death at the much too young age of 58 years.  An age 3 years away for me prompting much reflection on life today and where I see my own future.  His death at such a young age has reinforced in me the view that life is far too short to not enjoy it nor to follow dreams.  I also wanted to do something that would have made him proud of me.

My other inspiration is my daughter, for whom I want to be a role model and to provide an example through my actions that if you have a dream, you should have the confidence to follow it, give it your best shot rather than have regrets for not putting anything into action.

‘It is better to have loved and lost than not loved at all’, which is also true in the context of following your dreams as well as in terms of previous, current, and future partners.

Life is for living, live it to the full and to the best of your ability.

Love, Jane x

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