Tips on Christmas Shopping During the Menopause

Tips on Christmas Shopping During the Menopause

Lists and a diary are your best friends in the run up to Christmas

The run up to Christmas can be extremely stressful for women at the best of times, and stress is well known to exacerbate symptoms of the menopause.  Here, our Founder Jane gives some top tips on Christmas shopping during the menopause.

1. Make Lists

And more importantly, don’t deviate from them. ‘Brain Fog’ and temporary memory losses are very common during the menopause.  Lists can make you feel in control of what you are doing and ensure that you don’t forget key items or get snarled up in the chaos of last-minute Christmas Eve shopping.  Have an ongoing list in the kitchen for food and household items.  Be clear on who you are buying gifts for and what you have in mind for them.  Place to-do lists in your diary – just don’t forget to use your diary!

2. You Don’t Have to Make Everything

If you are hosting a family gathering, reduce the pressure on both yourself and the oven capacity and ask other attendees to bring a dish to eat or to help out in other ways.  Supermarkets are stocked with pre-prepared food. Have a list of what to buy from where and when – just NOT on Christmas Eve!

3. Be Mindful of Extremes in Temperature

When shopping at this time of year you will inevitably be going between extremes of temperature, which will not help with menopause.  If you are likely to be trying clothes on, make sure you are wearing items that can easily be taken off and put back on again.  Top tip is to shop early in the day as the shops and streets are likely to be quieter and you can browse with relative ease.  Layering clothing including a layer of temperature control or wicking fabric next to your skin, such as Esteem – No Pause clothing fabrics, will help keep you cool and dry should you have a hot flush.  Keep some wipes and deodorant in your handbag just in case you need to freshen up at any point.

4. Keep Your Energy Up

Don’t forget to eat.  Eggs and yoghurt are ideal protein-rich foods that you can have for breakfast and keep you going without reaching for sugary snacks that may set of a hot flush.

5. Treat Yourself

On one of your lists make sure that you include a ‘Treat for Me’ which will give you a boost when you get home: a bath bomb, new party outfit, perfume etc. – whatever works for you.

6. Ask for Help

You can’t do everything yourself, split shopping between members of the family if you can.  Don’t forget the internet for shopping if you are not up to being amongst crowds.  When back home, wrapping presents with other members of the family can be fun – put on a Christmas movie or Christmas music to create the right atmosphere to get you into the Christmas mood.

Whatever you are doing I hope that you have a fantastic Christmas.

Love, Jane x

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