Solution Clothing

Solution Clothing

Solution (noun) – the act of solving a problem.

Clothing (noun) – garments collectively, clothes, raiment, apparel.

You may never of thought that clothing could be a solution to a problem. Wherever you start your journey, Esteem is here for you.

We are accustomed to wearing specially designed clothing during pregnancy and for sporting activities, but there is much more that clothing can help you with.

Fast fashion exists for fashionistas who like to keep up to date with the latest trends, though not necessarily having the funds to match their passion.

Fortunately, there is a growing trend for solution clothing e.g. for those living with disabilities, periods, leakages, etc. and in our case excessive perspiration.

How can Esteem help you?

  1. Fabric

Esteem use the latest innovative fabric technology designed in Italy, which feels luxurious to the touch.  The fabric is able to wick sweat away from your body keeping you cool and dry which makes it suitable for a range of circumstances.

 2. Design

Our modern designs not only look good, but fit the body, fully optimising effectiveness of the fabric, ensuring your comfort always.

 3. Flexi-Wear

Esteem’s fabric is hardwearing and durable for a range of occasions: lingerie, daywear, nightwear, and in most cases exercise wear.  Our clothing works well in humid climates, a must for packing in your suitcase or you happen to live/work in one.

Whatever your reason for wearing Esteem clothing you know it is satisfaction guaranteed.

Love, Jane x



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