Making Life More Comfortable with a Charitable Donation

Making Life More Comfortable with a Charitable Donation

From the outset the aim of Esteem – No Pause has been to make life more comfortable for women, initially back in 2015 we did this through developing a range of clothing to address the discomfort of menopausal night sweats and hot flushes.   It 2 years of research and development to bring our clothing to market.  We now have a wide range of customers who love our clothing for an equally wide range of sweaty conditions and situations, including the current UK heatwave.  Our clothing feels luxurious regardless of whether or not you are sweaty.

In acknowledging that life during lockdown has not been easy for a large number of women, for example reporting of domestic abuse is up by at least 40% with the majority of victims being women, we felt that we had to do something more to help women.  Looking around Esteem HQ, lovingly referred to as Knicker HQ, we thought “how can we make life more comfortable for women?”  The answer was staring us in the face, “Knickers!”  In fact, we find that the answer to most questions posed is knickers!

Following the introduction of our extremely versatile and popular long line knicker we have been toying with the idea of phasing out our boy short knicker.  So, the remaining stock was boxed up in need of a home.  Rather than send this box to a clearance outlet we thought about our corporate social responsibility and about making baby steps into the world of philanthropy by seeking out a suitable charity whose aims we could relate to.  Having spoken with several charities we settled upon Giving World.

Giving World work with businesses that have surplus/end of line stock and with charities across the UK to redistribute this stock.  Thus, providing those in need with necessary supplies and helping businesses reduce their ­­­CO2 emissions by finding a home for goods which otherwise may well end up in landfill.

We will be kept up to date on which charities in the UK have received our knickers and will in turn keep you updated on this as well.

Making life more comfortable.

Love, Jane x


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