Magic Fabric

Magic Fabric

We love a happy customer.

Full quote from Jackie:

“I first bought the black vest and was so pleased with it I ordered the pink too, I don’t really know how it works but I’m much more comfortable at night, I do still get hot but not in the same way. Find it easy to get back to seep as not so sticky!”

Our fabric is indeed magic. We use technical performance sweat wicking fabric which is made in Italy and is super soft and luxurious on the skin, especially that used for our Male T-Shirt and our new items of menopausal clothing: T-Shirt Dress, Short T-Shirt, Shorts, Long Vest Slipdress, and Dressing Gown.

In addition to its sweat wicking properties the fabric we use also helps regulate your body temperature when experiencing extremes of hot and cold, either from within your own body or moving between extremes of heat and frigid air conditioning. This makes our fabric an ideal clothing solution during the menopause and for a whole range of conditions and situations when you find yourself hot and sweaty.

Let us take care of the technology to ensure that you have a comfortable night and sleep well.

Love, Jane x

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