How to Support Your Partner Through the Menopause

How to Support Your Partner Through the Menopause

Growing older with a partner will often mean that you’ll have to support her through the menopause, but for many men they’re left feeling helpless and confused, as there still isn’t the help and advice out there.

One of the biggest barriers to partners helping their wives or girlfriends is the lack of communication between the couple; people are still too embarrassed to admit that they’re going through this natural change.

Here at Esteem we are campaigning to encourage people to be more open and honest about their menopause experience, to break the taboo and ultimately help relationships.

Below are just a few top tips from us, and our panel of women, on supporting your partner through the menopause.

Talk, talk and talk some more – from night sweats and hot flushes to insomnia and depression, the chances are you’re going to notice your partner’s menopause symptoms, so don’t ignore them. She may feel embarrassed by the changes happening to her body, but she will feel a lot better about things if she knows you’re there to support her.

Approach with care – yes we know we just told you to talk about it, but don’t go in like a bull in a china shop if she isn’t ready to talk about it. Drop a few subtle hints and make her aware that you’re open to having a conversation when she’s ready to talk.

Educate yourself – there is plenty of information out there, if you look for it, so make sure you educate yourself on how the menopause impacts a woman. This could help you be a little bit more understanding when her symptoms, such as mood swings, overflow and impact you.

Give it time – the menopause doesn’t last forever, and as one of our panel said, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The menopause typically lasts around seven years, but this is different for all women and the symptoms they suffer will change over this period. So, yes, she may be suffering mood swings now, but in years, months or even weeks this won’t be an issue anymore.

Don’t lose intimacy – a number of the symptoms of the menopause can impact a woman’s sex life. Loss of libido and vaginal dryness are both often suffered during this period, but don’t let this ruin your sex life completely. Read our blog on sex during the menopause for some more top tips.


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