Friendship and Menopause

Friendship and Menopause

Friendships, a relationship of mutual affection, are formed throughout our lives based on a common bond and last for different periods of time. Some friends we reconnect with at other stages in life when our paths cross once more.

The menopause is a confusing and emotional time for women and one when friends, both existing and new, can help make a positive impact upon your life and outlook.

It’s a challenging time dealing with menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats, so here are a few tips to help manage your friendships whilst going through the menopause.

Don’t Take It Personally

If a friend suddenly disappears from your life don’t take it personally. Chances are the bond that brought you together e.g. children, employment etc. is no longer there because one or both of you have moved on in some way, and you no longer have so much in common.  It’s good to understand that most friendships come and go.

Seek Out New Friendship Groups

Going through the menopause can be challenging, especially if many of your friends are of a different age to you. Think about looking online for menopause support groups, where you can discuss symptoms.  Join some new clubs or classes near you so you’ll increase your network of friends face to face and possibly develop a new skill in the process.

Don’t Assume Your Friends Will Like One Another

When introducing friends from different aspects of your life, don’t assume that they will automatically get on. Think about the basis of your friendships and introduce friends to one another if they share the same experiences and interests.  My 2 closest friends share my love of 80s disco but not much else, and this is the only time we get together as a group.

True Friends Will Be There For You

When faced with a crisis you will discover who your true friends are. These are the people whom you feel comfortable enough to call at the last minute to help you out when you need practical and/or emotional support.

Friends As Family

Many of us will have a friend that we have known since childhood who has over time morphed into part of the family.   Similarly, over time some family relationships become as strong as the bonds you have with close friends. Growing up I had nothing in common with my younger sister, however, now as adults we have a very strong friendship with one another and with our cousins, too, as we make time for each other.

Enjoy the friendships that you have at any one moment in time and be open to welcoming new friends in the future.

During times of change, it’s good to know you have a support network around you.

Love Jane x

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