Esteem – Man T-Shirt Review

Esteem – Man T-Shirt Review

It is not just menopausal women who experience fluctuations in temperature during middle age. Men can too.

Here Steve, the husband of one of our regular customers Janice tells us how the Esteem – Man T-Shirt worked for him.
“I am a 54 year old male in good health and over a period of years I have noticed that there have been many occasions when I experienced my body temperature raising quickly when only doing light or moderate levels of normal activity.
When I first wore the Esteem – Man T-Shirt I did notice very quickly how it helped to regulate my upper body temperature and helped me to stay active for a longer period of time whilst wearing it without experiencing the previous body temperature spikes that I sometimes would experience.
I have worn it since on several occasions, each time giving the same level of comfort to wear and effectiveness in helping to regulate my upper body temperature as before. So overall I can most certainly recommend the Esteem – Man T-Shirt range.

Kind Regards, Steve”

We also have a number of female customers who wear the Esteem – Man T-Shirt, mainly in bed, though my 20 year old daughter does wear her’s with jeans for comfort.

Next time the men in your life complain about over heating and having fluctuations in body temperature please do send them in our direction.

Love, Jane x

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