As well as supporting women through the discomfort of night sweats, Esteem – No Pause is now working to break the taboo around the menopause.

Don’t Pause The Talk

Whether it’s at work, at home, in the gym or out and about, wherever you are, you should feel comfortable enough to talk about your menopause experience, and the impact it is having on your day-to-day life.

The Impact Of The Menopause

There are currently 34 recognised symptoms of the menopause and no two women will have exactly the same experience. So whether you’re suffering from fog brain, chronic fatigue, night sweats, hair loss or more, the Don’t Pause The Talk campaign wants to create a society where these are understood, talked about, and considered by friends, family and employers, so women can feel confident and secure sharing their menopause experience.

Why Talk About The Menopause?

Increased education, conversation and understanding of the menopause and its symptoms means that women will be more aware of the changes that will happen to their body when they hit a peri-menopausal age. This understanding will allow them to take control of their symptoms, educate themselves on the changes they’ll experience and face the menopause feeling confident.

But I’m Not Going Through The Menopause

Increased awareness will also benefit the wider society – from partners and family members understanding what their loved ones are going through, to employers creating an environment where women can continue to be a valued member of the workforce. The menopause is going to happen to all women, we just need to be prepared for it.

Where Can I Talk About The Menopause?

Soon we hope that you’ll be able to talk about the menopause anywhere and everywhere. But while we are getting to that point the Esteem Facebook page is the place for all things menopause. For regular Q&As, top tips, advice or simply an open forum for you to share your experience, like the page now to join the Don’t Pause The Talk community.