Our Story

Esteem – No Pause came to life from the personal discomfort of its Founder Jane and the need to find a solution to debilitating menopausal night sweats which she started to experience at age 48.  Waking up cold and damp laying in damp clothing and bedding was not conducive to function well during the daytime.

Dissatisfied with the loose, old fashioned clothing that was available at the time, Jane knew that she needed clothing in a technical wicking fabric that she actually wanted to wear.  As a widow, Jane was fully aware that life is too short to not follow your dreams and set about setting up Esteem – No Pause to make a positive difference to the lives of others.

Jane was born in Bury a town just North of Manchester, her Grandmother and Great Aunts worked in cotton mills. One of her Aunts ran a baking business from home and her mother started a craft business from home in her 40s.

Manchester is a very important city for us here at Esteem – No Pause. Manchester is synonymous with the Industrial Revolution, Cotton Mills and the Suffragette movement.

The Industrial Revolution saw a great increase in the quality of living and the Suffragette movement empowered women to support each other to improve their rights.

The inspiring city has been very influential to the creation of Esteem – No Pause, which embodies the essence of Manchester through the development of innovative clothing to improve the lives of women.

For the uninitiated night sweats are not like gradual exercise related perspiration, it is sudden and in volume and normally accompanied by intense heat.  Night sweats / excessive perspiration can be associated with significant hormonal changes, not just menopause; cancer; thyroid conditions; obesity; anxiety; stress; being in a humid climate etc.

Our clothing is not fast fashion, it is solution-based clothing made from luxurious technical performance fabric made in Italy with clothing made in Britain.

We continue to make a positive difference to lives and have plans to extend the Esteem – Man range.  Jane is currently working with her illustrator daughter developing Esteem – Curve continuing the legacy of industrious, innovative women from Manchester.



Jane x