About Us


At a cross-roads in her life and experiencing night sweats associated with the peri-menopause, Founder and Director of Esteem – No Pause, Jane Hallam, sought to seek out suitable clothing to wear in bed to avoid waking up cold and damp.

Available clothing solutions were only aimed at menopausal women and were in the main shapeless.  Dissatisfied with the difficulty in finding clothing that was both stylish and able to keep her dry and comfortable, Jane sought to develop a range that could meet these needs and appeal to a wide range of women.  In June 2015 Jane left her full-time job – which as a single parent of a teenager was not the easiest of decisions to make – and began her journey developing Esteem – No Pause.

The initial capsule collection will be available in Spring 2017, its aim to improve the lives of women like herself.