“A complete lifesaver, these are the items of clothing that I always wished existed. Now they do, fantastic!!” – Louisa, Birmingham

“Oh my, the solution to my damp and restless nights. Bonus I can wear the pants during yoga as well.” – Beth, Manchester

“I  wore the slip dress to sleep in after giving it a quick wash through (as I do with all new nightwear) and it air dried quickly (indoors) before bedtime. It fitted well after adjusting the shoulder straps a little and was really really comfortable – especially with the bra shelf being there to give some extra support. With the slip containing lycra, this gave it more stretch and maneuverability. Normally I would awake during the night with my cotton nightdress wet through (menopause), but I stayed dry and comfortable during the night which was fantastic! My slip was still dry when I awoke in the morning.  I’m very pleased with the performance of this slip – thank you. I have placed an order for a couple more items. More plus sizes in the range would be a bonus.” – Janice, Preston

 “Thank you for giving me a solution to my sleepless nights! Having been on Tamoxifen for over 5 years after being diagnosed with breast cancer at 38 I have suffered dreadfully with night sweats. It had never occurred to me how debilitating night sweats could be and It has been a regular occurrence for me to have to change my nightwear and even the sheets of a night.

The Esteem – No Pause slip I have been wearing has been fantastic, it even feels cool to the touch, is of fabulous quality and gives the right amount of support and I have slept through even in the sweltering nights we have had recently.

Thank you Jane. I will definitely be recommending your products to friends and family.” – Jane, Stockport

“I suffer from a chronic back pain condition. Sometimes the only thing that eases it enough to let me sleep is having a hot water bottle on my back. As you can imagine, this is fine in the winter. In the summer, it’s a different story. I had assumed that feeling clammy and uncomfortable were going to be the price I have to pay for the pain relief.

The slip dress was surprisingly brilliant. I still felt hot, but the horrible clammy feeling was completely gone. The fabric is cool on the skin, it fits snugly but without feeling tight or uncomfortable, and doesn’t slip around or get twisted. It’s incredibly comfortable to sleep in. It makes me want to buy 3 or 4, so that I’ve always got one on the go”  – Monika, Stockport

“I tried ‘the slip’ whilst I was on holiday, in my motorhome.
In addition to being in the midst of the menopause, sleeping in what is basically a tin can creates perfect conditions for the dreaded ‘night sweats’.
I found the slip remarkably comfortable – the fabric is cool, slinky and fits like a lightweight glove! As usual, I experienced two or three sweats each night, but I can honestly report that for the first time I didn’t ‘suffer’ them. I remained cool and unflustered as the fabric works exactly as Jane had described it. It feels like I’ve finally found something that works for me and makes me less worried about going to sleep!” – Sharon, Stockport